Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership and Management

In April 2015, the Diploma of Management was superseded by the Diploma of Leadership and Management. The core unit “Develop and use Emotional Intelligence,” was also introduced at this time. Emotional intelligence is all about understanding emotions, being in control of them, recognising them in others, and then knowing what to do with them in order to effectively develop and manage productive relationships.

Emotional Intelligence is so important to the development and success of a good leader that it is known as the “90 percent factor;” suggesting that only management staff with a comprehensive grasp of emotional intelligence, and the ability to demonstrate their knowledge through employee relations, will be truly successful leaders. Managers sabotage their success and undermine their team’s morale if they lack insights into themselves and fail to recognise how their behaviour affects employees.

Training in emotional intelligence will benefit not only the recipient of such training but also any direct employees, who will profit through a better relationship with their boss, improved feedback in relation to job performance, and most importantly increased recognition of a job well done.

Flexible Training Solutions offers the unit “Develop and use Emotional Intelligence” at Certificate IV, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma levels of management and leadership training. Clients will receive both individual and leadership based Emotional Intelligence assessments, which include coaching and feedback as well as a detailed report.

Bob Wall’s article “Being Smart only takes you so far,” is a great read for anyone interested in finding out more about Emotional Intelligence and its importance in both personal and work lives. The article can be found through this link: http://connection.ebscohost.com/c/articles/23712466/being-smart-only-takes-you-so-far