Learning is a Social Experience

The fundamental principles of learning suggest that at its most basic, learning occurs when observing other’s behaviours and the resulting outcomes of those behaviours. Observation and mimicking are the first forms of learning as a child. A child cannot learn

Leaders of success in Sales

It is easy to conflate the role of management with the concept of leadership, however, while many leaders work in management positions, not all those with a role in management are very good leaders. In sales, a manager will hire

Persuasive Sales Presentations

With the attention spans of adults having fallen from 12 minutes to 5 minutes in the last decade, there’s no longer time for your 30-slide, 45-minute presentation; by the time you get to your call-to-action, your audience will no longer

Strong Client Relationships

In our last blog, we talked about how important it is to be constantly working on personal relationships to be an effective sales person; but how do you build and maintain those relationships? Making solid business relationships may seem simple,

Qualities of a high-performing salesperson

Many people are capable of selling a product or service, but there are a few things that separate high-performing salespeople from everyone else. What makes them so effective? Here’s five attributes that make them so good at what they do.

A Satisfying Work Environment

A satisfying work environment directly impacts employee performance. An employee with high job satisfaction feels good about coming to work and thus feels motivated to do a good job day in and day out. They are self-motivated and feel effective

5 Qualities of a Strong Leader

Understanding what qualities many effective leaders share is a great way to improve your own leadership. While you may naturally possess some leadership qualities, you may need to work on others. Being aware of what some of these qualities are

Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership and Management

In April 2015, the Diploma of Management was superseded by the Diploma of Leadership and Management. The core unit “Develop and use Emotional Intelligence,” was also introduced at this time. Emotional intelligence is all about understanding emotions, being in control

Updated Student Handbook

Flexible Training Solutions has recently produced and uploaded the new and updated version of our Student Handbook. Please download a copy to your PC, smartphone or tablet for reference.   Download the FTS Student Handbook

Queensland Certificate III Guarantee courses available with FTS.

Flexible Training Solutions has been approved by the Queensland Government to provide government funded courses under the Certificate III Guarantee program. Please contact us for information about courses or your eligibility, or download a brochure here.