Retail Ready Program

Retail Ready Program

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Become Retail Ready

A Retail Ready Program that gives you hands on experience, even in the classroom.

The Program

Set yourself apart from everyone else through a Retail Ready program that gives you the knowledge, skills, and confidence that employers want out of their retail workers.


Knowledge and activity based training means you learn the skills you need in a stress-free setting before you even start a work placement program. Plus, you’ll never be stuck in the classroom learning theory when learning-through-doing would be more beneficial.


Participants who complete the full program get hands on experience through work placement. Put the skills you’ve learnt in the workshop to use in an actual retail position. Getting hands on experience gives you a foot in the door when it comes to finding employment in the future.

Participants Learn Skills in:
  • Conversing with customers
  • Upselling merchandise
  • Handling transactions
  • Using retail technology
  • Planning and maintaining retail displays
  • Supporting a retail team

The Program

A Sampling of the Program

  • Classroom Activities

    Presentations and group activities are the cornerstone of the classroom; participants work through core learning requirements for retail positions. Trainees learn what goes into a career in retail, complete tasks based on their learning and are assessed to ensure competence when it’s time to start working.

  • Practical Activities

    Trainees work in a pop-up shop, developed in the classroom, in order to work on the skills learnt in a practical setting. Operating retail technology, interacting with customers, and designing and maintaining displays are learnt in a practical setting to prepare participants for their new careers.

  • Source: Charlie Brewer, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License

    Observational Activities

    Participants head into the real world for observational training. They observe how retail workers do their job and compare their performance with what they have learnt in class; are they attentive with customers, do they know their products? Seeing where workers go right and wrong gives participants better insight into how they can be the best at their job.

What does it cost?
* This program can attract state based subsidised training such as Smart & Skilled, C3G, and Career Start. If you meet specific criteria you will be supported to complete the program. If you do not meet these criteria we will discuss a plan on how you can best manage the expenses.


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