Tasmania (Skills Tasmania)

FTS offers the following courses through Skills Tasmania’s User Choice program:

Participants that are eleigible for User Choice Funding will attract the Enrolment/Gap Fee listed and be funded for the remainder of the costs. Those not eligible or enrolling in a non-funded course will attract our Fee For Service rate, please contact us for more information on Fee For Service pricing.

BSB20210Certificate II in Workplace Skills$1,200
BSB30120Certificate III in Business$1,500
BSB40120Certificate IV in Business$1,600
BSB30719Certificate III in Work Health Safety$1,950
BSB41419Certificate IV in Work Health Safety$2,200
BSB40520Certificate IV in Leadership and Management$1,800
BSB40920Certificate IV in Project Management Practice$2,850
BSB50420Diploma of Leadership and Management$2,000
BSB50820Diploma of Project Management$2,750
SIR20216Certificate II in Retail Services$850
SIR30216Certificate III in Retail$1,500
SIR30316Certificate III in Business to Business Sales$1,800
SIR40316Certificate IV in Retail Management$2,000
TLI21221Certificate II in Driving Operations$0
TLI20221Certificate II in Road Transport Terminal Operations$0
TLI31221Certificate III in Driving Operations$0
TLI20421Certificate II in Supply Chain Operations$0
TLI30321Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations$0
TLI40321Certificate IV in Supply Chain Operations$800

Eligible learners must be an apprentice or a trainee, can be new workers, existing workers, year 10, 11 or 12 students or previously-qualified apprentices and trainees. For more information on eligibility, please visit the Skills Tasmania website, or contact us.