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Jobs and Skills WA training is subsidised by the WA Government

Traineeship Enrolment Fee Guide

CodeTitleHours^Enrolment Fee*Concession Fee+Existing Worker
BSB20120Certificate II in Workplace Skills265$861.25$257$3,000
BSB30120Certificate III in Business445$1,446.25$431$4,000
BSB40120Certificate IV in Business530$858.60$254$4,500
BSB50420Diploma of Leadership and Management665$3,850.35$1,157$5,000
SIR30216Certificate III in Retail#395$640$190$4,000
SIR30316Certificate III in Business to Business Sales330$1072.50$320$4,000
SIR40316Certificate IV in Retail Management#350$567.00$168$4,500
TLI31222Certificate III in Driving Operations445$720.90$214$4,000
TLI30321Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations455$1,478.75$441$4,000
TLI40321Certificate IV in Supply Chain Operations#615Fee FreeFee Free$4,500
TLI50221Diploma of Logistics#604Fee FreeFee Free$3,497

^Nominal Hours are subject to change upon review by JSWA.

*Enrolment Fees are determined based on the Nominal Hours of any given Qualification, which will vary based on units selected. The above is a guideline of maximum payable.

#The WA State Government, through Jobs and Skills WA, subsidises VET courses in priority areas, to reduce or remove the fees and make training accessible to Western Australians. Eligibility applies.

+Concession Fees are regularly reviewed by JWSA. As with Enrolment Fees, these are determined by Nominal Hours.

Other qualifications (and the above for those not eligible for funding) are available for delivery by a Fee For Service model in WA, please contact us for pricing and availability.

The Student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as Student service and resource fees.

Please visit the Jobs and Skills WA website for more information about Jobs and Skills WA and to check your eligibility. Employers may be interested in Employer financial incentives available through the Jobs and Skills WA Employer Incentive scheme.

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