Never Stop Learning

photograph of a woman reading a book while sitting on a couch

Learning is one of the most powerful tools we have. It’s not something that just stops once we finish formal education; fresh ideas, innovative technologies, new hobbies and therefore new skills come along constantly in life, and we get to learn and adapt with them. Learning new skills and points-of-view for the job is incredibly important to your success and the success of your company. To not actively pursue new learning opportunities is a detriment to our growth as individuals, and this growth is the key to a happier and more fulfilling life and career.

It can be easy to feel complacent in your job, especially if you’ve been working in the same job or with the same company for most or all of your career. However, it is difficult to succeed at anything more than short-term goals if you always feels satisfied with the way things are. Being challenged and feeling a drive to push yourself will be much more satisfying in the long run, and what you learn along the way, whether it be a new skill or a new mindset, is the kind of learning that is so important.

The process of learning can come in many different forms; formal training and education are incredibly important in setting up skills and ways of thinking and are assets when it comes to job searching. On-the-job training will refresh your knowledge and methods in how to best succeed at your job, as well as introduce and train you in new ideas and procedures. With new formally recognised skills you’ll find a greater amount of opportunities coming your way.

Informal education through reading books or articles, engaging in conversations with friends about new ideas, or gaining experience at work, also helps with personal development and can help with job growth in many ways.

Cropped image of hands typing on a laptop keyboard

Learning informally is also incredibly important because it makes us happy. People are happier when they can accomplish a goal they never thought possible. When we can set the goals ourselves and know that the accomplishment is because we took the time and pushed through obstacles and succeeded comes with a sense of euphoria that is difficult to match.

Learning is something you will continue to do for your whole life. Be conscious of what you’re learning and the ways it is helping you grow. Take every opportunity you can to learn and challenge your current skills and mindset and become the best you can be.